Virtual Evening with Author Rosita Steenbeek and… Pecha Kucha!

It is with great satisfaction that the DIBA Board looks back on its very well attended, lively and inspiring event of yesterday evening with special guest Rosita Steenbeek, a known Dutch writer who lives in Rome.

With her lively answers to questions posed by DIBA Board Members Angela Mannaerts and Claudia de Regt, Rosita gave the participants a revealing insight into her fascinating life, which was also shaped by some dramatic events. These events however did not frighten her, but gave her instead an extra boost in life, in which Love and Religion play a very important role. Partly because of her passion for religion, but also as the result of the request to interview Federico Fellini, she ended up and remained in Rome, which she considers being the best place on earth for her.

Rosita also discussed the historical novel about Giulia, the daughter of Emperor Augustus, she is currently working on and that will be published soon. The interview was, upon request, concluded with three wise life lessons that Rosita Steenbeek transmitted to the participants, namely: “focus on the love aspects of life”, not only for your partner, but also for your family members and friends; “practice surrendered control”, which means make plans but above all remain open for surprises and be prepared to change your already made plans if the circumstances demand for it, and “live up to your dreams”.

Eric Veroliemeulen of Vignamaggio in Tuscany

Tuscan DIBA member Eric Veroliemeulen took us virtually to his “Vignamaggio” project, a residential holiday village, which he manages in Tuscany’s Chianti hills. Vignamaggio, which sprawls over more than 400 hectares and includes an organic farm with a historic wine cellar that has been in operation since 1404, luxury villas, vineyards, vegetable and ornamental gardens, offers a taste of la dolce vita for anyone who desires it.

After the interview with Rosita Steenbeek and the Vignamaggio presentation of Eric Veroliemeulen, the DIBA members had the possibility to share their daily experiences involving Italy, raising an orange-colored drink during the “Virtual Aperitivo”.

DIBA’s President Angela Mannaerts announced the names of several new members located in Italy and The Netherlands who had decided to join the business club.

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