Networking Event on Ethical Entrepreneurship

Last week, DIBA held an inspiring event at Albergo Etico in Rome, during which the subject of ethical entrepreneurship, which is becoming such a crucial issue in today’s business world, was addressed by several speakers.

The evening was led by DIBA President Angela Mannaerts who requested the host, Albergo Etico’s General Manager, Antonio Pelosi, MBA, to illustrate the special hotel/restaurant concept, where guests are served by a passionately committed differently abled staff. The idea, originating from Piedmont, inspired Mr. Pelosi to create in the capital the first Albergo Etico, which aims to give to people with disabilities the opportunity of learning how to work in the hotel/restaurant business. During 12 -18 months, as the structure teaches them to become receptionists or waiters, giving them the confidence to pursue their career in the world. Albergo Etico delivers the strong message that everyone has a good side and should have the possibility of working in an open environment.

The word was then given to Désirée Rasenberg, our new board member, who has received a Dutch government award for being a role model as an international entrepreneur, arrived personally from The Netherlands to present her philanthropic company, Pure Jute, which aims at creating more justice in the world and at investing in sustainability and ecology. Désirée talked about the process of creating Pure Jute products, starting from the production of Jute, a strong natural textile fiber which grows in Ganges Delta areas in India and Bangladesh. This incredible material has great potential, including very little water necessity and has a short growth cycle, in addition to a large CO2 absorption capacity. Pure Jute, has quickly gained international success, has been working with Zara Home and with the second largest supermarket chain in the Netherlands, Jumbo, as its bag supplier. As well as working on a large scale, the brand offers also customized products, since it believes in the importance of developing one’s creativity and freedom in the personalization of their items. Désirée had a personalized DIBA bag created in India which she handed out to the DIBA members.

Outstanding speaker Claudio Cantini, Senior Technologist at the Italian National Research Institute (CNR) and Director of the CNR’s Santa Paolina Experimental Farm in Follonica, Tuscany, had the honor to close the evening. He gave a presentation about ethics in agriculture aimed at preserving human and natural resources. In doing so, he explained the dynamics behind the recent protests of the small farmers in the EU and this was followed by a vivid discussion with the members.

After the lectures, the members were invited to a delicious an apericena in the restaurant of the Albergo Etico.



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