DIBA Event in Florence, 25th of June 2024 Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Last Tuesday, we held our second event in Florence this year, focusing on a topic that impacts everyone: DE&I (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion). The session was led by a top expert from a renowned fashion brand, whose presentation was both enlightening and thought-provoking.

She began by explaining the essence of DE&I, emphasizing that we all encounter diverse individuals in our daily lives and aspire to be equally treated, welcomed, and supported. But how do we achieve this in today’s world, with its myriad cultures, beliefs, backgrounds, and convictions?

Our speaker shared numerous examples, prompting us to reflect on our own workplaces and consider our actions and reactions, often unconscious. We learned that inclusion extends beyond gender to encompass people with disabilities, older workers, and socio-economically disadvantaged individuals. She highlighted the benefits of an inclusive culture for businesses: happier employees who exhibit greater creativity and innovation, outperforming their competitors. Moreover, customers tend to prefer companies actively engaged in DE&I initiatives.

She also shared various global initiatives undertaken by her company, such as hiring refugees, empowering women at all levels, supporting NGOs, and organizing educational programs in schools. The HR department’s role in recruitment, training, and developing inclusive policies was emphasized as crucial.

In conclusion, she provided practical steps for implementing DE&I in our businesses and daily lives. The evening ended with a delightful apericena, where discussions continued, questions were asked, and ideas were exchanged.

Those who missed Tuesday’s event truly missed out on a remarkable experience!

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