Exciting News from the Dutch Italian Business Association (DIBA)!

We are excited to share that on March 6th, during our extraordinary assembly, Rosita Steenbeek was unanimously nominated as our Honorary President. A renowned Dutch author with a deep passion for Italy, Rosita’s historical and contemporary novels beautifully capture the essence of Italian past and current society. Rosita’s affiliation with DIBA reflects our club’s commitment to emphasizing arts and culture within our entrepreneurial-focused community, which is also sensitive to social responsibility.

Pictured from left to right: Angela Mannaerts (President of DIBA), Rosita Steenbeek (our new Honorary President), and Godelieve Cooymans (Vice President of DIBA).

With Rosita’s support, we aim at deepening our impact in the fields that matter to our members, namely enhancing our social, cultural and creative engagements.

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