DIBA Hybrid event about the first six months of Meloni Government

DIBA looks back at a very interesting hybrid event at the Circolo delle Belle Arti club in the center of Rome. The members who could not be physically present it in person followed the discussion either together in Florence at the office of our Vice-President Godelieve Cooymans or from their desks.

The evening commenced with a captivating round table discussion that focused on analyzing the first actions of the Meloni Government. The discussion featured renowned correspondents based in Italy, including Anouk Boone of Het Financieele Dagblad, Ine Roox of NRC and De Standaard, and Maarten van Aalderen representing De Telegraaf. Angela Mannaerts, the President of DIBA, skillfully moderated the discussion, guiding the participants as they presented and exchanged their diverse perspectives on various topics, such as relationships with the EU, PNRR, immigration and LGBTQ+ issues.

After a lively, engaging, and stimulating discussion infused with a touch of humor, the attendees were treated to a delightful apericena in the enchanting gardens of the Circolo delle Belle Arti. The setting provided a perfect ambiance for networking and further conversations among the members.

DIBA thanks correspondents Boon, Roox and Van Aalderen very much for the insightful discussions and for rendering the DIBA evening so special.

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