Hybrid DIBA “Healthy Lifestyles” event

We are pleased to announce that after having organized online events for more than two years, DIBA successfully held our first hybrid event yesterday evening. The speakers, who intervened both in presence and on-line, were very engaging and the atmosphere in the Circolo Belle Arti, a unique oasis in the centre of Rome, was excellent. The event was followed online by many members who live in Tuscany, the Northern part of Italy and in The Netherlands.

DIBA President Angela Mannaerts presided the event, which focused on manners to live and work in a healthy, graceful, and stimulating environment, presented by the following three speakers:

Lilia Lauciani, a pharmacist/nutritionist, owner of a pharmacy in Rome, enlightened us about food strategies aimed at positive nutrition and alimentary behavior, through which one obtains/maintains the right weight, achieves well-being (benessere) and can thus avoid diseases such as those related to cardiac failure and Alzheimer’s.

Gijs Pyckevet, a Dutch architect working for ABDR, an architectural firm based in Rome, illustrated us the very innovative Emmanuele F.M. Emanuele Village, an extraordinary living environment for persons affected by Alzheimer’s disease created by Fondazione Roma in the suburbs of Rome and based on a concept developed in The Netherlands.

Leonardo Delle Chiaie, an engineer, with offices in Rome and who collaborated, just as Gijs, on the mentioned project, concluded Gijs’ illustration with a short description of certain wooden sustainable materials used for the construction of the village.

Subsequentially, the Club House’s inspiring terrace and garden set the scene for a delightful buffet combined with drinks offered by DIBA to its members. It turned out to be a relaxing Spring evening networking, which lasted many hours!

A warm welcome to our two latest members, being Ms. Guglielmina Clarici and Mr. Corrado Marinelli, and a thank-you to DIBA secretary Marielle van der Marel, who, with the great support of her student assistants Margherita (photographer), Stefano (technical assistant) and Beatrice (host), ensured that the management of our first hybrid event ran like a clockwork.

We look forward to seeing you all again at our next events in Rome and Florence, which will have as themes hospitality and the Italian National Recovery and Resilience Plan respectively.

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