BNR news radio interview with Angela Mannaerts and Godelieve Cooymans on the budget crisis in Italy

Short article and radio interview in Dutch language on BNR news radio with NRBC President Angela Mannaerts and NRBC Vice President Godelieve Cooymans.

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Italian budget crisis also affects Dutch entrepreneurs
BNR news radio, 26 October 2018

The unrest concerning the budget of the Italian government of Lega and the Five Star Movement affects not only Italian but also Dutch entrepreneurs. ‘The banks and insurance companies are under enormous pressure, and they have to raise four billion euros by prepaying advances on taxes,‘ says entrepreneur Godelieve Cooymans, owner of Proaxxes in Florence. Angela Mannaerts, lawyer in Rome and chairman of the Netherlands Roman Business Club, is also worried. “This already has a negative effect on the Italian economy.