NRBC Florence evening with Landmerk in The Student Hotel

NRBC Florence organized for the Florence based members a very successful evening with Landmerk that took place in The Student Hotel in Florence.

The presentation of Jordi Wiersma, co-founder of Landmerk, turned, to the pleasant surprise of the participants, into a real workshop. Ideas were exchanged, new relationships were created as well as collaborations around the activities of Jordi Wiersma and his colleagues.

Landmerk is busy setting up a new training course for professionals coming from the business world and for university students and students in general. This fact gave the participants sufficient material to think, suggest and discuss about during the animated dinner that took place afterwards in the Bistrot of The Student Hotel. The participants really appreciated brainstorming together and this was big fun!

We warmly thank Jordi Wiersma and his colleagues of Landmerk for the stimulating evening and The Student Hotel Florence for its hospitality!