April 2023 Taftique exhibits her art in Milano and Firenze

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Dear all,

Just to inform you that I have two upcoming events where I will be exhibiting a selection of my artworks. The first one is in Milano during Milan Design Week (18-23 April) and the second one is in Florence at the Fortezza da Basso (25 April – 1 May). Here follow parts of the press releases for the events. Best regards, Jules Vissers - Atelier Taftique

TAFTIQUE by Jules Vissers brings sustainable textile art to Milano Design Week 2023

During the 61st edition of Milan Design Week, Taftique presents her tapestries in the gallery of Isola Design District, in Via Pastrengo 14. 

The Dutch artist, who has been living in Italy for almost 25 years, has her studio and gallery in the historical centre of Florence. The city of the Lily has in fact inspired many of her most successful works, such as the large tapestry ‘The Three Graces’, inspired by the famous Spring of Botticelli, that was awarded the Lorenzo il Magnifico Award during the Florence Biennale of Contemporary Art and Design in 2021. 

With her art she gives a contemporary interpretation of an ancient textile tradition inspired by harmonious geometric and fluid forms. Another distinctive trait that makes her work unique and unrepeatable is her agile and dynamic use of the yarns, as if these truly were her painting colours. 

Her tapestries, delicately hand-tufted and embroidered, create a very soft and dense tactile and chromatic experience in which the embroidery recalls precious art textiles. 

During Milan Design Week 2023, the artist exhibits two large abstract tapestries that are based on her WAVE designs inspired by the forms of waves and swirls in the sea. Both tapestries also have a smaller version on display that accompanies another series of smaller framed tapestries called CIAO!, inspired by colourful cubist forms. 

Isola Design Gallery - via Pastrengo 14 - Milano - 18-23 April - 11.00-18.00 h  Free entry


Atelier TAFTIQUE on exhibition at ‘Up to the Craft’ – Generative Paths on show - Firenze
Sala della Volta – Fortezza da Basso - 25 April-1 May 2023

The exhibition in the Sala della Volta of the Fortezza da Basso on occasion of MIDA (International Artisan Exposition), presents a selection of artistic handicraft works. All products are made by start-ups practising the hybridisation of handicraft and design according to the logic of reuse and recycling. Jules Vissers of Atelier Taftique will exhibit her hand-tufted work ‘Silhouette’. This tapestry is a study of the forms of the female body and how these can be expressed through yarn. The tapestry is handmade with natural wool, recycled and deadstock yarns. The exhibition ‘Up to the Craft’ is promoted by Fondazione CR Firenze and curated by OMA (Osservatorio dei Mestieri d’Arte) together with the Department of Architecture of the University of Florence.


Fortezza da Basso – opening hours  26-27-28 April 10.00-20.00
                                    25-29-30 April 1 Maggio  10.00-22.00

Entrance with ticket <a href="

Orari e biglietti
">Orari e biglietti - MIDA (mostrartigianato.it)